iPhone 4 on PAYG from Vodafone UK, Pricing

If you are one that doesn’t really like signing up for a lengthy contract for your smartphone, you could always go the Pay As You Go route, although this route would mean you shelling out a substantial amount of cash for your smartphone up front.

But if you are in the UK, according to an article over on Techwatch by Darren Allan, Vodafone has now announced they will offer their customers the new option for the iPhone 4, on Pay As You Go.

So just how much will that iPhone 4 cost you on Vodafone Pay As You Go? Well if you fancy owning the 16GB iPhone 4 it will set you back £480 while if you’d rather own the 32GB iPhone 4, that will hit your wallet to the tune of £570.

Vodafone customers will however receive 1 year’s free mobile internet and WiFi data which includes 250MB data a month along with up to 1GB of WiFi which is supplied via BT Openzone.

So will any of our UK readers be opting to grab the iPhone 4 from Vodafone on Pay As You Go or will you stick to the contract route so you don’t have to fork out all that cash up front?

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