Jailbreaking site gets Adobe Flash support for iPhone

Here is something that may well be of interest for you guys out there, especially those of you wanting Adobe Flash support on your iPhone.

The news comes from a article by Andre Yoskowitz over at afterdawn and explains that the very popular developer Comex who is best known for being the man behind the Web based iPhone jail breaking site has released Frash.

Frash released today for the Smartphone some iPod Touch models and also the iPad which allows adobe flash support on jailbroken devices. So if you are lucky enough to own a iPhone 3GS with iOS4, the iPhone 4, the iPod Touch 3G or the iPad you can now run flash from within the Safari browser.

Installation is easy you just need to add a custom Cydia repository, then install the programme and reboot. While of course this is a fantastic start the developer is upfront and honest as it can only support simple Flash animation, worth also remembering that Mr Jobs stated that the company will not support Flash on it’s i devices.


One thought on “Jailbreaking site gets Adobe Flash support for iPhone”

  1. Doesn’t run 95% of most video tested, seems to only run simple ads or simple Web navigation. I get a lot of white screens and unexpected closes or running only top 1/2 of the flash, great start needs lots of work

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