BlackBerry Torch Unboxed, Handled, Impressions: Video

The new BlackBerry Torch 9800 from Research In Motion is due to hit AT&T tomorrow and you probably already know all about the hardware and software specifications, so we have a traditional unboxing, hands-on and first impressions video for your viewing pleasure this morning.

The video comes our way courtesy of Simon Sage over at Intomobile and lasts just over eight minutes, but is cut short from a full hands-on due to a bad camera battery, but nevertheless gives a decent overview of the BlackBerry Torch.

As for those first impressions, Simon says his main complaints are with screen resolution and processor speed, the BlackBerry Torch screen resolution is “outclassed” by the higher end devices, while the processor speed, some feel is a bit sub-par when compared with a 1GHz processor, although apparently the handset doesn’t feel or handle slowly while the software is well polished.

The user interface is smooth and responsive but at times can react somewhat slowly. The BlackBerry Torch keyboard does take some time to get used to and the keys are a tad small meaning you have to use just the tips of your thumbs or risk hitting the upper slide area when typing with the top row.

Weight wise, Simon says the BlackBerry Torch is a tad on the heavy side similar in weight to the BlackBerry Storm. I’ll stop there as I don’t want to spoil that video for you. You can find a fair few images of the device by hitting up their webside and you can check out that BlackBerry Torch unboxing, hands-on video below…enjoy

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