Droid X Hotness, so what’s the point of Motorola Droid 2?

Correct me if we are wrong the Motorola Droid X seems to be a very good smartphone so what is the point of the Droid 2, cannot get our heads around the fact the Droid 2 was put into production.

Look at the pricing, the Droid X contract free is $569.99 or with a 2-year contract is $199.99, this is what we cannot understand because the Droid 2 is only $10 cheaper for the contract free smartphone at $559.99 and the same price for the 2-year contract plan at $199.99.

The Droid X features and specs are much better than the Droid 2 so it does not take a rocket scientist to choose does it, yeah shall we pick the Droid 2 then? Not a chance, if you do decide to choose the Droid 2 maybe it is time we got the straight jackets out for the mentalists.

The Droid X has a 4.3-inch Touch Screen WVGA Display, the Droid 2 has a 3.7-inch touchscreen, 8-megapixel camera on the X and 5-megapixel camera on the 2, and do we really need to go on with the specs? Read this article for the pricing and features on both devices.

We have even setup a poll earlier on today asking what smartphone you would choose to buy being it the Droid X or Droid 2 and so far 147 votes have been cast and it looks like this:

Should I Buy Verizon Wireless Motorola Droid 2 or Droid X? Total Votes (So Far) = 147
– I will get the Motorola Droid X (86.0%, 126 Votes)
– I will get the Motorola Droid 2 (6.0%, 9 Votes)
– Not Sure (5.0%, 8 Votes)
– I will not get either (3.0%, 4 Votes)

Please do send in your comments to our outburst, really cannot understand but we are sure you will have some answers for us.


10 thoughts on “Droid X Hotness, so what’s the point of Motorola Droid 2?”

  1. Todd Ferrante says:

    There are two very good reasons why someone might want a Droid 2 over a Droid X.
    – Some people won't consider a smartphone without a physical keyboard. My wife, for instance, finds it harder to use a touchscreen keyboard. I hate how the soft keyboard wipes out half the screen when typing.
    – Some people don't want a huge screen. For years, phone manufacturers pursued the goal of shrinking cell phones because people find that small phones are more convenient to carry in a pocket or purse. Just because I want a smart phone doesn't mean I want to lug around a tablet that falls out of my pocket or catches on things when clipped to my belt.

  2. Edgehaha says:

    I own a Droid X. I think Motorola is delaying Froyo on the Droid X to try and make people by the Droid 2. Kind of pathetic really. The keyboard seems pointless to me now.

  3. Dabil says:

    Well said Todd. There are many people who will buy the Droid 2 just for those reasons. Not everyone is a techie and cares about specs. Some people would choose the benefits of the Droid 2 form.

    The brilliance of the Android OS is that since it is an open system, many manufacturers are able to build hardware for it so that there is a configuration out there somewhere that will suit your desire and needs. Android is not "one size fits all" like the iPhone is. And besides, how boring would it be if the only thing to choose from would be processor speeds, megapixels, and screen sizes?

  4. I think that the article is a bit overblown as the features are closer than the writer exclaims (CNET: http://news.cnet.com/inside-the-droid-2-lurks-a-d

    That being said, it comes down to whether you want a physical keyboard (Droid 2) or the larger screen, more media friendly device (Droid X).

    I have the Droid X, was contemplating the Droid 2 b/c of the slider keyboard/slightly better form factor, but I think I'm going to stick it out with the X. Everything looks/feels smaller once you use that 4.3'' screen!

  5. jimboy says:

    I’ve had the droid 2 for about a month now and this is actually my third one. The first one had an issue wih the touch screen not working at all.the second one wouldn’t. Let the screen sleep. And this one I’m on right now has had to have the sd card replaced. I’m waiting for my x to come in the mail and hopfully it won’t have these issues.

  6. destin says:

    Droid 2 all the way i have one and is the best phone out there… to me anyways i absolutly love this phone and thinks it blows the droid x out of sight and i have NO problems with mine…. my advice get the droid 2 email me ure questions

  7. 03tuscani says:

    Had the first moto droid,droid 2 and now have droid x love them all but the best one out of the 3 for me is the first droid by far a lot faster doesn’t freeze ever and just was the perfect texting and email phone I have ever owned and the internet is faster then any computer I have ever seen

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