HTC EVO 4G Sprint Android 2.2 Froyo .6 Maintenance Update

HTC has just released a new software update for your HTC EVO 4G, this new maintenance upgrade release goes from 3.26.651.3 to 3.26.651.6 (.3 to .6).

This new OTA (Over The Air) package update now upgrades your HTC EVO 4G Sprint smartphone to the final production, which is now the .6 version. This update went live last night and is now available to all.

The download does not take long at all because it is very small so should install within 2 minutes, it is pretty simple to update you phone and here is how.

To start the download just go to Settings > System Updates > HTC software update. Please visit Sprint Community for more information.

If you have already downloaded this new upgrade we would love to hear from you, did the install run smoothly? Did you come across any problems? Etc. Thanks

Source – Engadget

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