Samsung Epic 4G Sprint Release Date: So When?

The Sprint Samsung Epic 4G Galaxy S phone has had many release dates slapped against it and we have reported on numerous occasions multiple dates such as August 20.

Well we read an article that UnWiredView published that the Epic 4G could launch on either August 11th or August 20th, which is a big gap between these dates. Well we already said that it could release around August 20 and it is now looking more like August 21 according to UnWiredView source AndroidCentral.

Apparently August 16 is the date when Sprint dealers can start making its orders with August 21 being the day it goes on sale, now seeing as the Motorola Droid 2 is now available we would love to know what phone you would choose, will it be the Samsung Epic 4G or will it be the Motorola Droid 2 smartphone?

When do you think the Samsung Epic 4G Sprint smartphone will release? Do you think it is ahead of the game? If you have anything you wish to chat about please do so in the comments area below.

Whilst we wait for the official release date you might want to check out the Sprint Epic 4G teaser site and the first look video, if you wish to know about the features please do take a look at the full specification sheet.


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