iOS 4.0.2 Update Fix: Will you keep JailbreakMe with Security Flaw?

If you own the Apple iPhone you will be well aware of the JailbreakMe hack that was talked about a lot, the new iOS 4.0.2 update that has recently gone live will fix security flaws that made the JailbreakMe possible.

Just so you know you can also get the new iOS 3.2.2 for the iPad that does the same fix, the security flaw within the JailbreakMe exploit in the iOS had a flaw in how it handles PDF documents.

The iOS 4.0.2 un-jailbreaks your phone, once you have installed the new software update please let us know if this happens or not, of course we would love to know everything about the new update fix.

PC World had a few emails sent to them mentioning the 4.0.2 update and that the new update does indeed undo the jailbreak, this is the bit where you have to decide if you wish to keep your jailbreak with iOS 4, if you do we suggest that you keep your iOS 4.0.1, please vote below using our poll set-up.

If you wish to learn more about iOS 4.0.2 please visit Apple’s support site right here, once again please let us know everything about the new iOS 4.0.2 update in the comments area below.

Source — Daring Fireball

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4 thoughts on “iOS 4.0.2 Update Fix: Will you keep JailbreakMe with Security Flaw?”

  1. tommy wong says:

    will the jailbreakme work with 4.0.2 in da future…????cuz i wanna get an iphone 4 but at&t only have 4.0.2 now..where can i get an iphone with 4.0.1 or 4.0???plz help

  2. Harris says:

    IOS 4.0.2 has already been jailbroken since the day if came out.
    Just use RedSnow 0.9.5b5-5 after you update to 4.0.2 (mac users) and point it to the 4.0 firmware.
    You now have 4.0.2 with jailbreak.

    Have you guys not tried or experimented?

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