Tesco Launches Cheapest SIM Only deal at £6

If you own an unlocked smartphone and go the SIM only route for your mobile service in the UK there si now even a cheaper SIM only solution available from supermarket giant Tesco.

According to an article over on Mobile Today, Tesco has now launched their £6 SIM Only deal which is apparently “the UK’s cheapest mobile phone contract,” and offers the user 100 minutes and unlimited text per month for just six quid.

Lance Batchelor, the CEO of Tesco Mobile and Tesco Telecoms, said…”This deal is ideal for a younger market or any text addict out there who doesn’t want to have to fork out a large amount each month but still wants to use their mobile to their hearts content. We’ve seen a big increase in Sim-only mobile tariffs as savvy spenders hang on to their handsets and shop around for the best tariffs available.”

£6 per month for unlimited text and 100 minutes sounds like a good deal to me, and there’s even an added bonus as apparently Tesco is also offering their loyalty Clubcard points when you have the £6 SIM only deal, so can’t be bad.

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