HTC Desire HD and Vision T-Mobile HSPA+ Handsets Coming September?

We gain a tad more info about T-Mobile’s Project Emerald today, and a couple of smartphones which will apparently be making an appearance on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network shortly, namely the HTC Desire HD and HTC Vision.

According to an article over on Gizmodo by Kat Hannaford, apparently “sources” have spoken to Phandroid state that the HTC Desire HD, when it launches on T-Mobile will sport a new name, and be known as the MyTouch HD, while the HTC Vision will also be renamed for T-Mobile as the G1 Blaze, names that have been bandied about in the past.

This renaming of the HTC Vision points to the device being a slide out QWERTY version which was seen in July which word has it will also carry a 3.7 inch touch screen along with a redesigned keypad and 1GHz processor, and apparently according to phandroid the device will now also sport a front facing camera.

The HTC Desire HD or now apparently MyTouchHD has already been captured on video, which you can view (here) and apparently according to Phandroid’s sources one of these handset will launch on the 22nd of September while the other will see launch on the 29th of September, although those launch dates haven’t been confirmed yet.

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