Another Samsung Windows Phone 7 Handset Pops Up

We keep seeing supposed smartphones popping up all over the place that are supposed to be running Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 such as the Samsung Taylor given to devs, the HTC Schubert, an unnamed device from Asus, another from HTC, and now a new Windows Phone 7 handset coming out of Samsung.

According to an article over on Pocket Now by Brandon Miniman, a developer over on Twitter @andrejt has posted a picture of a new Samsung device sporting Windows Phone 7 although the developer doesn’t name the Samsung device by did tweet…” playing with a windows phone 7 #wp7http://yfrog.com/jd4j0hj thanks to @MatjazSircelj.”

Judging from the image the device looks to be packing an AMOLED display, an indentation around the start button, sharp edges and the lack of any front facing camera, but other than that not much is revealed.

So are we looking at an as yet unknown, unnamed Windows Phone 7 Samsung smartphone that may or may not make it to the mobile market? Who knows, but sooner or later more details will eventually pop up.

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