Verizon iPhone could Grab 1 in 3 of AT&T Customers

Since the iPhone first came out it has been shackled to AT&T, much to the annoyance of iPhone users, and in the news recently the Big Blue has been stating that they aren’t worried if a Verizon iPhone should appear when their exclusivity over the iPhone ends.

Which is basically a load of old poo-pile, because if or rather when Verizon gets a CDMA iPhone it’s most definitely going to have an effect on AT&T’s custom as according to an article over on Intomobile by Will Park, a new study by research company Morpace has found that roughly 1 in 3 of the Big Blue’s iPhone customers would jump ship when the iPhone goes with another carrier.

According to the figures 34 percent of current iPhone customers to want leave AT&T while 43 percent are willing to consider jumping to Verizon if they offer the iPhone. The figures also show that 51 percent of Verizon customers are looking to purchase the Verizon iPhone when it appears.

Interesting numbers to say the least but hardly surprising when it comes to the iPhone and AT&T. It’s about time Apple stopped making potential customers wait as it’s obvious there is a large amount of potential iPhone customers just waiting for an iPhone to be with some other carrier than AT&T.


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  1. Kaffeguy says:

    I have Both AT&T and Verizon Wireless. My company has us on At&T and I have been on Verizon way since it was GTE. They have much better reception and very few dropped calls if any has been my experience. All phones have a learning curve. Apple has a less learning curve. The Android OS is a bit behind the times with the newer Android phones coming out. They might be better constructed, but at a very high premium. Apple wants complete control over everythiig that is placed into the iphone. You are forced to update the Apple iphobe almost every year because of new technology. While Android with Version Wireless you are bale to get a phone every 2 years with a very good discount. They offer insurance on the handset and one is able to purchase batteries and have the phone worked on at a Verizon center. Apple all has to be handled by Apple. AT&T should concentrate on their network and connectivity issues before they take on a project as they did with the ipnone.

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