White iPhone 4 Delivered 17th August Offered by 3UK Rep

Ah the attempts of reps to sell you a smartphone over the phone, it appears they will go to any steps to make a sale, even lie in order to get you onto a contact. I say lie because I received a couple of phone calls this evening from 3UK reps trying it on, so before I continue, no don’t get your hopes up about getting a white iPhone 4.

The first call was 3UK trying to get me off my T-Mobile contract by offering me a Nokia touch screen device to which I replied “I don’t want a Nokia,” the rep then inquired what touch screen phone would I like, I answered an Android handset. To my surprise it appeared that this particular 3UK rep had no idea what Android was, and after me explaining what Android was and the rep desperately trying to sell me a Sony Ericsson Vivaz the conversation came to an abrupt end.

I continued with writing my current novel when roughly an hour later the phone rang again. Low and behold it was a 3UK rep wanting to sell me a new touch screen smartphone, and again offered me a Nokia handset for £20 with blah, blah, blah. This time I thought I would have a little fun at the rep’s expense.

I told the guy I was interested in the new iPhone 4, he said we can do that for you, to which I replied I want one in white. Now I was quite astonished by this guy’s reply when he answered, so here’s how the conversation went…

Rep“No problem we can do that for you.”

Me“So you can offer me a white iPhone 4?”

Rep“Yes, we have them in stock.”

Me“Are you sure?”

Rep“Yes we have white iPhone 4 in stock”

Me“So how much and when can I have it?”

Rep“That will cost you £27 per month, and you can have it by Tuesday 17th.”

Me“You can delivery a white iPhone 4 on Tuesday?”


Me”I don’t think so, I know the white iPhone 4 isn’t available until later in the year.”

Rep”But we do have them in stock.”

Me”Ok, well I’ll email 3UK along with Apple later to find out what’s going on.”

Rep”Email who?”

Me”3UK and Apple, you know they make the iPhone 4 and have said the white iPhone 4 won’t be available until later in the year.”

Rep“White iPhone 4, no we only have black iPhone 4 in stock, but we have white iPhone 3GS, a good phone.”

Me”Fine, don’t bother me again…bye.”

It just goes to show that either the reps 3UK is using are completely stupid, along with not knowing much about smartphones, or they don’t give a fig how they sell as long as they sell and will lie through their teeth to get that sale unless they are caught out.

This isn’t the first time I have had to deal with such calls from operator reps desperate to make a sale, but to offer to deliver a white iPhone 4 to me by Tuesday the 17th of August is taking it just a tad too far.

Have any of our readers faced this kind of experience from overbearing telesales reps? If so please shout out about it in our comment section below.


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