David Hasselhoff Ask The Hoff iPhone App: Your Review!

Do you love David Hasselhoff the Hoff hoffmeister? Call him what you may but he seems to be a very popular celebrity, well if you do love him to bits then might we suggest the ‘Ask The Hoff’ iPhone app.

This app is fun to use and so much so Scott Mills from Radio 1 quotes “The king of all WTF apps!” – iPhone App Reviews, it is in the Top 50 apps in the UK and 2nd in the Lifestyle app in the UK.

This app gives you spiritual guidance from the Hoff himself, all you need to do is pump up the volume then ask a question, after you have done this shake the Apple iPhone and you will receive an answer.

It features 30 exclusively recorded phrases from David Hasselhoff and a few other bits for fun, oh just so you know this app is now compatible with the iPhone 4 and iPad.

There have been a few issues apparently with this app running smoothly on iOS4 on iPhone 4, if this is the case and you have come across this please do let us know what problems you encountered. Thanks.

For more information and the option to install ‘Ask The Hoff’ iPhone app please visit iTunes.

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