Engadget Mobile Video Locks My PC

During the course of my working day, as you can imagine, I visit many websites to check out what’s in the mobile phone news. Well first off I have to say that the episode I am about to relate hasn’t happened to me before when visiting this particular website or any other website.

I visited Engadget Mobile, and was reading an interesting article called “Microsoft Previews Windows Phone 7 app design process with a golfing scorekeeper (video)” (found here), and decided to check out the aforementioned embedded video.

I wish I hadn’t really because as soon as I hit the play button on the video, my PC locked up completely. I couldn’t close the page, or the browser, couldn’t close any programs, couldn’t reboot, Ctrl + Alt + Delete wouldn’t work, basically I had to manually cut the power to gain control again.

Like I said, I haven’t experienced this issue with any video on Engadget Mobile before, and it wasn’t a YouTube video, in fact I’m not too sure what format the video was, and don’t intend hitting it again, but after about an hour and completing several virus scans I was back up and working.

So what I’d like to ask our readers is if they have experienced anything similar when visiting tech sites, or if you hit up that particular article if the same thing happened to you, if so please let us know by posting in our comments area below…many thanks.

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