HTC Incredible Custom ROM: Sky Raider 2.5.2 Vanilla Flavour

We was looking for HTC Incredible hacks and ended up visiting HTC-Incredible.com and found something really interesting that we would like to hear more about from you.

Incrediblecub sent some information in that is very interesting, they basically mention that they are now running Sky Raider 2.5.2 ROM in Vanilla flavor and is asking for your opinions as so are we.; he posted this on the forum:

Incrediblecub Says: Anyone else using a custom ROM yet? I used the Unrevoked Forever tool on my DINC and I’m now running the Sky Raider 2.5.2 ROM in Vanilla flavor, it runs so fast, and it is still amazing to me that I can tell a noticeable difference in performance, I haven’t overclocked it or anything yet. It is just faster running the modified version of Froyo. I’ve been using wireless tether with root for a while now, that was really the only thing I wanted Froyo specific. The JIT compiler is amazing, pushing 34-35 MFLOPS on the Linpack benchmark test now. Instead of 6-7 with 2.1. I prefer my vanilla flavor, now that my phone is terminally rooted, I feel so much more free. I might go back to Sense whenever the legitimate Froyo comes out and I might just run the OTA VZW version. I would like to know others opinions on their modified ROMs if anyone else on here is running them. Smiley

Please do let us know what you think of the above information, the comments area is waiting for you so please scroll down a little. Thanks

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