HTC Hero on Telus to gain Android 2.1 in Early Q4

The HTC Hero smartphone across the globe have mainly all received the Android 2.1 update, but over in Canada, Canadian HTC Hero owners have been kept waiting and it looks like they will still have a wait for Android 2.1.

According to an article over on Mobile Syrup by Kate O’Brien, the Android 2.1 update for the Telus HTC Hero keeps on being delayed. Originally the update was supposed to appear back in May, and then during Mid August.

However according to a member of Howard Forums, if one check out the source code on the Telus HTC Hero web page they will find it states that Android 2.1 is “Coming Soon.”

But then according to Mobile Syrup tipsters the latest the Telus HTC Hero will see the Android 2.1 update in “early Q4.” Again no reason has been issued for the delay but it does look like the Android 2.1 update is on its way…eventually.

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