JailbreakMe Site IP Blocked by 3 UK, Your Views!

JailbreakMe.com has had a lot of media of late and so much so we asked you if you were having any problems at all, well so far the article we wrote has had 144 comments some good and some bad.

Apple has blocked Jailbreakme.com from retail stores and WiFi routers as has BestBuy and now it according to The Inquirer 3 UK has blocked it as well.

Steps are being taken to prevent any jailbreaking for devices that still runs on 4.0.1, 3 UK network carriers has blocked the IP address on the website Jailbreakme.com, which basically means it is totally impossible to jailbreak using wireless data connection.

Do you think that JailbreakMe site was made for the good and not bad, why block it many might ask as it is a customers right to choose what they want to do with their iPhone. Looks like carriers as well has Apple want to control users, oh yes they want control.

Please do comment below, we would love to hear from you. Just a little recap: JailbreakMe file received was invalid; you may want to read this.

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5 thoughts on “JailbreakMe Site IP Blocked by 3 UK, Your Views!”

  1. just says:

    yes ! apple try to control everything. as users, we have the rights to do whatever we want to our phones!
    just like i sell you a car but you must drive the way i want. that totally suck!!!

  2. Mark-Anthony Baker says:

    Its an incredible site. It allows for you to add all of the functionality you basically could do on your Mac so whats really the problem? Just because Apple are petty enough to think they can control your usage of your device when you own this device, they do not. There influence should not sprerad to what you decide to do with it. I have worked in Mobile for years and can quite frankly say that have never enjoyed my iPhone experience fully until I was able to jailbreak.

  3. Rob says:

    What 3 are doing is in breach of contract, as they are restricting your services, as they are failing to conect you to a legal site on the internet, by the owners own choice they have broken their own terms and conditions, by resticting your services without your consent. At no point in taking out my contract was i given a list of sites i can visit or cannot. As i paid for the phone it is mine to do with what i like.

  4. lisa says:

    Like you say…it's upto what the user wants…they all want control of your phone…well let me tell you that since ive jailbreaked my iphone…iv'e never had so much fun…so as i would say to all the companies that want to block this from happening….go and do one…its our phone not yours

  5. John says:

    I’m with three mobile and I can still get on jailbreakme.com. But I’m happy with iPhone as it is, so there’s no need for me to jailbreak it.

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