Sony Ericsson PlayStation Android 3.0 Gaming Phone vs. iOS vs WP7

When it comes to gaming on smartphones the iPhone is pretty impressive and iOS gaming is right up there close to console gaming, well it looks like the new Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone featuring Android 3.0 aka Gingerbread could be the competitor.

According to Engadget Sony Ericsson is preparing one of the best phones in its line to become one of the best gaming smartphones of all time, the new phone is going to be a cross breed of the Samsung Captivate and PSP Go.

Hopefully if all turns out well and SE can get the software and hardware to run at peak performance this could indeed be the handset that can take on the iPhone and its iOS in the way of gaming.

Imagine a mobile phone that can integrate itself with the PS3, can you just imagine how popular this device would be. It looks like gaming on a mobile phone is getting hot and we say that because you will have the Windows Phone 7 getting Xbox live features and Apple with its upcoming Game Center, and now the hopefully upcoming Sony Ericsson PlayStation phone. Let the games begin as they say and see who tops the charts when all have been released.

Who do you think will be the gaming smartphone god, please do vote below and choose your favourite and please do post all your comments on the above.

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6 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson PlayStation Android 3.0 Gaming Phone vs. iOS vs WP7”

    1. Ur MoM says:

      yo xbox suxs its for ppl dat dont have lives!!!!!!! ps3 is way bettter it had better gameming quality nd it has bluray wich is dope!!!!! nd Xbox is copy ps3 wit the touch sensetivity buuton to turn it on nd the wifi thing but yet Xbox still suxs the only reason ppl have more Xbox is because it came out way before ps3 nd it was more advanced than the ps2 back then nd the graphic suk on that thing its too loud nd it over heats it has the ring of death nd the new xbox doesnt have it but it has sumthin similar!!! nd it also scratches ur cds cuz thats how much it suxs nd we dont pay to play online cuz were freakin awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. gamelover says:

    Have you ever seen sony’s back catalog of ps, and ps2 games, that would be easier to convert to the mobile arena, plus, it is still free to play on playstation network, how about them apples?

  2. syfer says:

    Motorola ATRIX 4G has nvidia Tegra 2 for Gaming I wonder how this will compare to the
    Sony Ericsson PlayStation Android 3.0 Gaming Phone and. iOS and WP7 But the games on the Motorola ATRIX 4G really good like it’s the next big thing is Tegra 2 for Gaming is really the way to go on YouTube and see for yourself it’s like pc gaming for mobile phone

  3. Zak says:

    Sony Ericsson unfortunately have a 'hype' syndrome. Look back at the Xperia10, was supposedly a hands down win against the iphone – bollocks. The amount of flaws and 'known' errors that still exist with that phone to this day portray a rather shoddy image from the manufacturers. In thoery, the playstation phone sounds good.

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