Verizon iPhone and iPad 2 possibly being field tested? Maybe

The never ending speculation about an upcoming Verizon iPhone is never too far away from the headlines, but this time round something else has been added to the rumour of a CDMA iPhone for the Big Red, and iPad 2.

According to Boy Genius of the Boy Genius Report of course, one of their sources at Apple has told them that within the iOS 4 is a block of code and according to the unnamed source said code “queries the device,” and if that device just happens to be an iPad 2 or CDMA iPhone the device will basically auto-activate and do away with the need for iTunes.

Apparently said code has been there before major iPhone/device release every year and is removed just prior to launch, thus enabling the products to be field tested by partners or mobile carriers without the need to activate the device in question.

It isn’t sure if Apple has done this to ensure AT&T along with other carriers that looks at activation logs won’t find anything or if it is simply a case of making things easier. You may already be aware that the code for a CDMA iPhone is N92AP while the code for a next generation iPod Touch is N81AP.

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