HTC EVO 4G Case Cracking Issue and Calendar Bug

Checked your HTC EVO 4G smartphone lately? If not then maybe you should as apparently there have been a number of reports that the first smartphone to play nice on Sprint’s 4G network is suffering from cracks in the casing near the power button.

However according to an article over on Enagdget Mobile by Chris Ziegler, the guys over at XDA-developers are reporting some Sprint stores will replace a cracked HTC EVO 4G but other stores are apparently saying it is a “cosmetic issue,” and thus don’t offer a replacement as it effect the feel of the handset and isn’t a danger to the device falling apart.

Furthermore according to Google Code, the recent upgrade to Android 2.2 Froyo to the HTC EVO 4G has apparently delivered a bug that causes event descriptions to be overwritten by their location when editing a calendar entry, which means this is a legit data loss issue.

There’s no word on when a fix for the bug will land, but as the issue is filed and verified in Android official tracking system they should be working on a fix and hopefully it will be pushed out in quick order.


5 thoughts on “HTC EVO 4G Case Cracking Issue and Calendar Bug”

  1. jim frender says:

    My evo phone is the best phone in the world. ihave had the phone for 4 weeks and there has been no problems, glitches or cracks. I am running2.2

  2. fone insider says:

    NOT TRUE!!! i have this phone and it still not cracked. i know about 20 people with the phone and none of these people are facing this problem. we go this phone the date of release, well the following monday. till this day the phones are in perfect condition. this crack is being caused by another problem like THE USER not being careful with the phone. if it were also true the live EVO phones at the sprint stores will also have the crack but they dont. as far as the calendar bug goes, i have not experienced this. im not sure about other people.

    1. Joann Prinzivalli says:

      I can confirm the calendar bug exists. It has happened on my phone. It is easily replicable, too. If you are using the native calendar app. set up an appointment with a description and save it. Look at the appointment, the description information is there. Let's say you need to change the time and you open the appointment to edit it, the description information is overwritten. If you back out without saving the information is still there. But if you change the time and then save? The Description information is gone. The only workaround for now is to sync with a computer, edit the appointments on a computer in Outlook, and then sync again. A PITA.

      1. Joann Prinzivalli says:

        Workaround for EVO Calendar bug

        The EVO Froyo update had a little extra hidden "feature" – a Calendar bug that wipes out Description information and replaces it with the "Where" field. HTC, Google and Sprint are all aware of the bug, and I've been waiting for an OTA fix.

        After having experienced the frustration of losing my "description" information when editing a calendar event, and not being satisfied with the idea of entering description information in the "Where" field for future events, I saw a suggestion involving downloading a third-party calendar, Jorte.

        I downloaded Jorte a few days ago. I chose to have it interact with the Google calendar, though one could conceivably use it in a standalone mode. I can now happily change the time of an appointment without invoking the calendar bug, and without having to wait until I can go to my office and edit an event in Outlook, followed by a sync.

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