iPhone 4 China Unicom Release Discussions and Expectations

China Unicom will release the Apple iPhone 4 next month, now we mentioned this August 9th so to see it all coming to the news groups again like Mashable seems a little strange.

We mentioned before that the iPhone 4 would start selling as from September 1; we also reported via Engadget that the iPhone 3GS WiFi version would sell for 4,999 yuan, which is the same price of the WIFi-less iPhone 3GS.

AFP reports that China Unicom will release the new iPhone 4 next month and they will also start selling the iPad as well, China Unicom has not yet confirmed the above as of yet but we will keep you posted.

If you have anything you wish to share about China Unicom selling the Apple iPhone 4 please do let us know, what are your expectation? This is a place where you can let the discussions roll and enjoy what other readers say.

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