PuzzleWar Magritte Slide Puzzle App for iPhone

Remember those little puzzle games where you had to slide the blocks about to form the picture, well if you enjoyed playing and solving those type of puzzles you can now do so on your iPhone with the PuzzleWar Magritte iPhone application.

With PuzzleWar Magritte for iPhone, sometimes it seems easy to complete the picture but sometimes it’s not so easy and some can be solved in seconds while other will take hours of concentration to unravel the picture.

Although apparently you much be 17 years of age or older to download PuzzleWar Magritte to your iPhone probably sue to censoring reasons such as frequent violence/horror/suggestive themes and so on as the description states so maybe not one for the kids.

Apparently PuzzleWar Magrite for iPhone is better than String Theory, and is a free application that can be downloaded to the iPhone from iTunes.

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