Gamescom 2010: Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live Titles Poll

Gamescom 2010: The new Windows Phone 7 that is due out this Christmas will get a lot of Microsoft love with new Xbox Live launch titles according to Microsoft.

We have put a poll together listing all the Xbox Live games coming to the Windows Phone 7 and we would love to know what game you would choose from the list that you would prefer.

You will see titles such as PopCap, Halo Wapoint and Crackdown: Project Sunburst, and big names like Gameloft, Konami, THQ, Namco Bandai and so many more, the list below is courtesy of G4 (Thanks Guys).

The new Windows Phone 7 will feature launch titles and seeing as the titles will feature the “Xbox Live” tag as well as achievements, messaging, avatars, friends lists, and the superb addition of viewing your games library.

Anyway the poll below is quite long so be patient to scroll through and choose a game you like the most. Please do leave comments below the poll as well. Thanks and have fun.

[poll id=”205″]


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