White iPhone 4 Release Delay, iCarbons Alternative

Those waiting on the new white iPhone 4 maybe getting a little hot under the collar and probably starting to pull at your hair, the release delay is definitely annoying a few of you that wants this colour asap.

If you can no longer wait for the iPhone 4 in white there is a solution for you that we think you may like, we visited product-reviews.net and they have found the perfect solution (Thanks Alan Ng), say hello to iCarbons the people with the solution.

iCarbons supply fantastic skin carbon kits that will turn your black Apple iPhone 4 into a white iPhone 4 with ease, you can order the full kit that comes with the back, front, side, Apple logo and main button stickers.

iCarbons uses 3M Di-Noc vinyl, which is a true 3-dimensional pattern that looks just like dry carbon fiber, got to admit by watching the video below this kit looks amazing and of great quality, personally we would prefer this to the real white iPhone as these skins look great and would indeed protect the smartphone at the same time.

Please watch the video below and see the step-by-step guide on how the carbon stickers is being added on the black iPhone, please do comment below and share your thoughts. Please visit iCarbons.com website for more information and option to buy.


2 thoughts on “White iPhone 4 Release Delay, iCarbons Alternative”

  1. Joey says:

    I just received my White Carbon Skin from iCarbons.com and my phone looks 100% like a White iPhone 4 now. . . I was standing in line at the mall today and a few girls walked up and asked me how I got a White iPhone 4. . . I just smiled and said, "You like it?" She later on brought over a few friends of hers just too see it. . . Whats even crazier is until I said it was a White Carbon Fiber Skin over a Black iPhone, they had no idea. The guys at iCarbons.com did an amazing job on these. Great quality, looks Awesome, and protects my iPhone 4. Plus got me a few phone numbers 🙂

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