Has Facebook Places Been Added To Your Region Yet?

The new Facebook iPhone app has now been updated to version 3.2 and now adds Places service, which we mentioned earlier on today.

Today we went into the app store via our iPhone and installed the new update, once the Facebook app was open you can clearly see the new icon saying ‘Places’, but we got the message saying “This feature will be available in your region soon. Thank you for your patience.”

So it seems certain regions in the US and UK is unavailable, the new Facebook update does feature some cool stuff like: Setting the privacy of individual status updates, See all recipients of inbox messages, Fixed some Notes display bugs, Fixed a delay when commenting on a post or posting a status update, (iOS 4) Upload photos and videos in the background and Fixed some reliability bugs in News Feed (features via TiPB).

Please do let us know if Facebook Places has been added in your region yet, if it has please let us know what you like or dislike about the new update, and please do let us know what new features you have come across.


32 thoughts on “Has Facebook Places Been Added To Your Region Yet?”

  1. Hakan says:

    Nothing in Boston either. My guess is that they’ve released the functionality but not turned it in yet. Has anyone heard of a location where it DOES work?

  2. John says:

    I'm in NJ, 45 minutes from NYC and I'm apparently not in the magic "region" yet either.

  3. RedBullFlash says:

    I’m in San Francisco, California area where Facebook HQ is located.

    It’s not available here yet!

  4. Corey says:

    It’s not here in Austin, TX where one of the partners on the places features is located (Gowalla). If it’s available for checking in yet its for beta users only I bet

  5. Timothy says:

    It’s not even available in Oakland,CA — less than an hour away from Facebook’s HQ!

  6. ghawk says:

    Two people are noted when I open places. Seems like invasion of privacy?
    I don't need to know where they are!
    Can we turn off, w/o turning off maps and other location services in iPhone?