Facebook Places: How to Stop Friends checking you in

There’s a new gizmo from Facebook called Facebook Places which apparently enables a user to “check in” at numerous places without the need of a 3rd-party application; however Facebook Places also allows your friends to check you in as well, which could lead to all sorts of problems.

However, there is a way round this problem according to an article over on TiPb by Rene Ritchie, and reports that Phil Nickinson over at Android Central has found a way of putting a halt on your friends checking you in with Facebook Places.

Here’s what to do…you can disable the feature which allows friends to check you in by hitting up your privacy settings and punching the “customise” link then scrolling down to the “things other share” section and then simply disable the “Friends can check me into places,” feature, and the job is done.

Apparently the first time one of your friend’s tries to check you in you will receive an email saying so, but if you prefer to have control over your own check in, then following those instructions will get it done.

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