Jaws Takes a Bite at the iPhone

Would you believe that it’s been 35 years since Spielberg’s Jaws movie made everyone frightened to step into the water? Well Jaws is now taking a new outing, this time as a mobile game from Bytemark for the iPhone.

According to an article by Linsey, over on Fonehome, Jaws for iPhone enables the gamer to take the role as the main character in the Jaws movie, Chief Martin Brody with a view to save swimmers from the terrible teeth of the biggest shark to every grace the silver screen.

Jaws for iPhone players drag the potential Jaws meals out of the path of the oncoming great white shark before it has chance to bite into some taste flesh and you do this over 10 levels which increase in difficulty the higher you go.

Of course Jaws for iPhone also includes that haunting John Williams film score as well, and if you are into trying to beat the shark you can download Jaws for iPhone from iTunes at a price of £1.79 which is $2.99

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