iOS 4 Issues Update for iPhone 3G Coming Soon Emails Jobs

Apple’s iOS 4 running on the iPhone 3G has had some issues in as much as the operating system becomes very slow, and iPhone 3G owners had expected a fix for this issue to come in iOS 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 but no fix came. However 3G owners may not have much longer to wait.

According to an article over on Macrumors, by Eric Slivka, a new email reportedly originating for Apple boss Steve Jobs has popped up which looks to confirm that a fix for said iPhone 3G performance is on its way.

This latest email response from Jobs apparently comes in reply to an irate iPhone 3G owner that contacted Jobs over their frustration that the performance of his 3G device was “dog slow,” along with issues with responsiveness when typing, zooming and scrolling.

Apparently Steve Jobs answered in his usual terse manner with “Software update coming soon.” However, “coming soon” doesn’t actually give anyone a date for the iPhone 3G iOS 4 fix, so it could still be a while before the iPhone 3G receives that fix; however there is a possibility that it could come when Apple push out iOS 4.1.


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  1. 1stkorean says:

    why must all you reporters always show a picture of that cadaverous unshaven steve jobs. for somebody with his money you would think he would take more pride in the way he looks, by buying clothes that fit, shave once in a while and have his face injected as not to look like he is dead.

    Contary to popular belief he is NOT the Messiah

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