Verizon iPhone Possibly Hiding as Unknown Product in iOS 4.1 Beta?

The word is Apple is now testing the latest beta of iOS 4.1 on several of their products which includes a new version of the iPad along with next generation iPod Touch units and apparently a mystery unknown device.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Will Park, and by way of the guys over on Apple Insider, iOS 4.1 beta has USB config files that mention “unknownHardware” along with “iProd 2.1” and “iPod 4.1.”

We already know that previously Apple referred to the iPad as “iProd 1.1” so it’s fairly safe to assume that this “iProd 2.1” is a new Apple iPad; however it’s not that which is most interesting but the mention of an unknown hardware.

Apparently the “unknownHardware” could well be just about any device, but considering all the speculation that a Verizon iPhone is on the horizon this could quite possibly be the much talked about CDMA iPhone that’s rumoured to hit the Big Red in January.

Of course that’s purely guesswork as it is quite possible Apple has several devices we know nothing about, but with all the commotion over a Verizon iPhone it sure makes one think, so what do you think it might be?


2 thoughts on “Verizon iPhone Possibly Hiding as Unknown Product in iOS 4.1 Beta?”

  1. Rick says:

    Although Verizon has made a huge commitment to Android-enabled phones, which are selling very well, they are still missing a good segment of the market by not having the iPhone.

    While both devices and OS have pros and cons, Verizon has several things going for it – superior coverage, and outstanding customer service; and, Verizon doesn't have shady business practices like charging you for data if you use your own WiFi to create a 3G hotspot in your house, or counting a call that goes from 8:59pm to 9:59pm as 60 minutes of peak calling – it only counts as 1 minute.

    If Verizon gets the iPhone, they take a huge bite out of AT&T's customer base, and I hope they get it soon!

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