T-Mobile G2 a Verizon iPhone Killer? Stop Laughing

There’s a new smartphone on the horizon from T-Mobile in the form of the G2 handset, which will be the first T-Mobile device to run on their HSPA+ network, and will be an Android device, but firm specs are somewhat scare on the handset at the moment.

However, according to an article over on Product-Reviews by Alan Ng, the T-Mobile G2 just might be enough to pull customers from Verizon Wireless and away from such devices as the Motorola Droid X and Motorola Droid 2, and even asks the question will the T-Mobile G2 be a Verizon iPhone killer, okay you can stop laughing.

Seriously, I mean the Verizon iPhone doesn’t exist yet and already we see reports wanting to know if a device will kill off a Verizon iPhone, I mean come on, has there ever been a smartphone that has even come close to being an iPhone killer?

The T-Mobile G2 may well be a nice device and of course it will be an Android smartphone, which is personally my preferred platform of choice, but even I don’t think an Android device will be able to challenge the iconic iPhone for its title unless Android come up with something extremely special, which I don’t believe the T-Mobile G2 will be.

Isn’t it about time the mythical “iPhone killer” was finally put to rest, especially when it’s widely known that when Apple does get round to pushing out a Verizon iPhone it is bound to be a huge success.


9 thoughts on “T-Mobile G2 a Verizon iPhone Killer? Stop Laughing”

  1. weeeeeeeee says:

    please check on the android 2.2 froyo before you say that about android and iphone…..and yeah the new android 2.2 froyo OS will put iphone to shame and as far as the 2.1 it is already rivaling iphone 4 at the moment, note android 2.2 will push the boundaries even farther taking the title as the "iPhone Killer"

  2. Ben says:

    there is more needed to get that title than every feature under the sun, if that's what you think 2.2 is. Apple have repeatedly proved you don't need to deliver EVERY feature to have a success. iPhone killer would need to cause everyone in future to basically stop buying iPhones. That's just not going to happen. It's more likely Android will die a slow death, especially with this Oracle patent lawsuit looming over it.

  3. mike says:

    well to be honest i believe android as a whole has topped apple in market share recently if im not mistaken…. lets think here.. there is only one iphone so ofcourse there are tons of that one model sold…. yet android has multiple handsets and carriers giving people endless options so obviously no one phone will sell as much as just an iphone. which is better? stuck with only getting to do what apple says and only getting one model to choose from? or lots of choices and the ability to install what ever you want without having to modify anything or loose your warrenty… and not to mention you can do just about as much with a stock android as you can with a jailbroke apple… let alone the abilities with a rooted android. plus handsets like the n1 droid eris etc alread had more power and features (bigger better resolution screen, faster processor and better cameras) than the 3gs and the evo has the same or imo better performance than a 4g before it ever came out…. soooooo imo iphone is just another smartphone. great? yes.. special? no o but it has really high resolution!!! ummm not much better than anything else out… way better compaired to a 3gs? yes my g1 with a 3.2 has better resolution than a 3gs haha so dig they do anything special? no they just caught up. as they did with there processors cause androids and even win mo has had 1ghz processors for months now. then the cameras are nice on an iphone due to the fancy way they put the memory so they take very bright pics but if you just turn a light on then the 5mp cam fails compaired to the 8mp on all the new htc phones so seriously i agree the iphone is great but theres nothing to kill here they are no more special than evos and hd2s. and your still stuck with apples bs lol even windows is allowing open software development on win phone 7……. sad

  4. WhatAPlanet says:

    Phones don't kill. People do.

    Seriously, this whole Android vs Apple thing is beyond ridiculous. Neither will kill the other. Live you own life, buy and use what works for you, be happy.

  5. jesse says:

    the new ad for the g2 is all white in color, has anyone walked into a t mobile store in the last 2 days. the whole store is white in color,

    thanks jesse

  6. manwell oneals says:

    The ONLY thing I envy about iPhone users is the seemingly endless amount of space that text messages can be stored in.

    It's pretty ridiculous. Other than that, I do not care for the iPhone AT ALL.

  7. dad says:

    "I mean come on, has there ever been a smartphone that has even come close to being an iPhone killer?"

    I laughed when I read the title of this review, and this sentence in particular. The iPhone's legacy has been described by what it couldn't do compared to other smartphones. The first one couldn't do 3g, the 2nd one couldn't do video, by the 3rd one the resolution was dated, and the latest one can barely make calls. Bare in mind all of them are incapable of flash and are locked to the horrendous apple store's software.

    If anything this review (and particularly its author) are indicative of the only real obstacle keeping the smartphone community from real progress: Apple zealots

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