Verizon iPhone Internal or External Antenna, Which One?

Ah the speculation and complete guess work over the mystical Verizon iPhone continues to hit the net waves. Only yesterday the latest rumour was that the Verizon iPhone would retain the same external antenna as carried on the iPhone 4, see (here), but a contradictory rumour is around as well…

According to an article over on C S Monitor by Matthew Shaer, reports that according to Dvice, their source says that the Verizon iPhone antenna will be internal and not the same external antenna as the current iPhone 4.

Furthermore this unnamed source of Dvice claims to have “handled prototypes” and that the Big Red has insisted that Apple place the antenna inside the device for their network along with a new “rugged exterior.”

So will a CDMA iPhone for Verizon Wireless have an external or internal antenna? So far the rumours have been contradictory and much like people grasping in the dark for anything on the Verizon iPhone, but what do our readers think?

Do you think it would be wise for Apple to stick with the iPhone 4 antenna design for the Verizon iPhone, or do you think Apple should kill any chance of a Verizon iPhone antennagate by placing the antenna inside?


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