Verizon iPhone Will Retain External Antenna

The rumours of that Verizon iPhone keep hitting the net waves with the latest one being that a CDMA iPhone for Verizon Wireless won’t be a redesigned model, but will retail the same design as the iPhone 4 including its external antenna.

Now one would have though that if Apple is planning on pushing out a Verizon iPhone in January, and after all the commotion over the iPhone 4 antennagate issue, they would change the design to get rid of the antenna problem.

However, according to an article over on Erictic by Eric Calouro, and by way of 9to5mac, and a report on Computerworld, this is not the case as apparently the source, Spence Webb, an antenna expert says “The antenna design is architecturally fixed in the design, and it would take [Apple] a while to make whatever the next design is.”

Apparently Apple work on a 3 year hardware design structure, meaning the first 3 iPhone devices were basically the same in hardware design, with the iPhone 4 being the first to feature new hardware design, and thus if Apple plans on pushing out the Verizon iPhone in January 2011 there simply isn’t enough time for them to redesign the hardware and place the antenna inside.

Therefore it looks like when the Verizon iPhone does eventually hit, it will sport the external antenna, but the big question is will it suffer the same antenna problems as seen with the iPhone 4?


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  1. Mike says:

    Even though I'm hoping that a redesigned iPhone is released at the beginning of next year, my guess is that they will announce the iPhone for Verizon in January, but not release it (a new design) until June '11 as an iPhone 5. I just don't see Apple breaking the cycle of iPhone release dates.

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