Extremely Early Dell Thunder Prototype Captured on video

Well now that the Dell Streak is out of the way, we make room for a new smartphone from the Dell camp in the form of the Dell Thunder which has just been captured in action on video, albeit an extremely early version of the device.

Sean Hollister of Engadget reports that they received not one but two Dell Thunder prototype units that have been labelled EVT1, so basically they are just about as early as a version can get and that the final Dell Thunder will no doubt be significantly different.

Their first impressions are that the Dell Thunder is one sleek and sexy beast of a device that sports completely curved sides in chrome that gives it the feel of an original iPhone and has completely recessed buttons that add that extra bit of class to the device.

I won’t repeat it all here ass they guys also made a video which we have for your viewing pleasure below, and I’m sure you’d much rather head on down to that and check out the Dell Thunder for yourself, so with that said, get to it and enjoy.

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