FarmVillain for iPhone, Whatever Next?

I know Farmville by Zynga is a Facebook smash and thousands play the game online, I know because I receive numerous Farmville gift requests to my Facebook page daily, and I know Farmville is available for the iPhone, but just how far does one go with this Farmville thing?

Well how about a game for the iPhone that enables the user to send villainous Farmville gifts? According to an article over on Intomobile by Dusan Belic, he loves the iPhone app FarmVillain as it allow the user to post Farmville parody messages to their Facebook wall.

Apparently you can post such stuff as “You can now plant genetically modified corn on your farm. The only part of this corn that can be found in a birds stomach is its fist. Engineered from Chuck Norris genes and human emotion wrath, there is little in terms of natural predators. Playing God is fun.”

Probably built for the iPhone user who if totally fed up with Farmville posts overtaking their Facebook wall and one way to get your own back in a humours way. So if you want to annoy your Facebook friends you can download FarmVillain from iTunes for $0.99.

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