BlackBerry Virus: Have You Ever Been Infected?

Just a quickie: Now we would love to ask our BlackBerry readers if your handsets have ever been infected with a virus, now many say that BlackBerry devices cannot get a virus but we seem to be getting emails asking if they can so it makes you wonder.

We have read a great article over at Bright Hub and Ryan Tetzlaff explains a little bit about BlackBerry Viruses, this article was published May 2010 and he says that there are no wild viruses out there that can infect a Blackberry, read his article and see what you think.

We do not use BlackBerry phones so we cannot answer this question and that is why we are asking you the question, “Have you ever had a virus on your BlackBerry phone?”.

Are you having problems with your handset that leads you to believe it is a virus, please let us know anything about the above so we can get a better understanding as well. Thanks


11 thoughts on “BlackBerry Virus: Have You Ever Been Infected?”

  1. Eviltweety88 says:

    My 8900 did. Think it more a worm than virus…certain sectors of memory were completely deleted from my phone. An example: my sms messages, including ALL saved messages were deleted. This also included my sms icon, and even the sms was deleted from the list in the menu options as well. Complete wipe/reset…but still further issues (finally upgraded to 9800 and now have an android device).

  2. Gerry Koury says:

    I received a message in my hotmail account from my corporate account sent from my Blackberry which I never sent. I will check with my friends if they received any e-mails from me from my Blackberry

  3. Josh says:

    My verizon BB Tour has recently begun acting VERY sluggish, making doing just about anything on my phone a major pain. Anytime i navigate anywhere through the phone, it takes 20-60 seconds to react and in addition to that main issue, now when i web browse the arrow won't allow me to select any links by pushing the trackball button, rendering my web browsing nearly impossible.

    Viruses I've encountered on PCs result in similar symptoms…but of course everything i read online says there are no BB viruses and to simply "pull the battery". Well I've pulled the battery enough times to know that this problem is not going away on its own. My memory isn't even close to being maxed out, so I'm not sure what is causing this problem. Any ideas??

  4. tom says:

    A virus has attacked my Blackberry and I was told that there is no solution. Can not turn it on.
    Was told by a distributor that my case is not the only one and have to buy a new one. Any help greatly appreciated.

  5. Kenner says:

    My BB Tour was failing a lot, jvm erros etc, BB Support had me reload the OS, so I did, then every time I took a pictuire the image would show fine and then it went to the saved image it looked like an acid trip. I took the phone in they said oh uyou have a virus (sprint Vendor, las vegas blv and warmsprings in las vegas) when I put the screws to him he couldnt give me a name, or what it does.

    After osme reasearch I can find no real viruses though seems to be a lot of scripts that shut down phones or frag out their os, most are fixed with a legit reinstal of the OS.

  6. corey says:

    yes I just got the worst virus known to ever hit a smart phone. It happened last night with no warning the phone froze I did a hard reset and then the phone would not reboot at all… I brought it to sprint and they had to completely re format my phone! There was a line there with the same problem… Yeah, they said it came from the FB application on our handsets… So BB (RIM) is asking all carriers with this problem to disable the app!

  7. Swannie says:

    I picked up some recent e-mail forwarding done from my hotmail account, registered on my new Blackberry. But did not determine weather the problem or virus is on my 1st BB9800 or pc (wish has updated norton 360) that sends e-mail to all my contacts. I never had this problem before I started using a BB phone about 7 weeks ago. Its a e mail that says someting about ‘ I have received my free I phone… Blah blah blah…’ And you have to forward this mail to a certain amount of persons to qualify for your free promotional I phone. Do someone knows what this is?

  8. Swannie : your problem is not with your BB its your PC.
    BB's cant get virii everyone above is on glue.

    PS norton 360 is a virus itself…. test this yourself. uninstall the norton product and you will see it is still running after a reboot. You need a special tool called the norton removal tool to get rid of it.
    try a real virus scanner like NOD32.

  9. miguel says:

    tengo un problema con mi blackberry y pienso que puede ser un virus, solo puedo leer con la ayuda de un espejo, alguien sabe que puede estar pasando?????
    muy agradecido.


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