Multifl0w iPhone Jailbreak App Review: Improved, iOS 4 Support

The MultiFl0w Jailbreak app has been out a while now and when it was released it gave you multitasking to the iPhone, some say it is not an app but more of a mod that gives you a cool UI to Backgrounder, well it has been updated and offers you a lot more.

iPhone Download Blog has mentioned Multifl0w before and says that they preferred ProSwitcher but things have changed a lot since then, Apple released its own multitasking feature and apps like ProSwitcher was basically dead and buried, well Multifl0w is back in full force to provide a much better and improved interface that now brings support for iOS 4 and the iPad.

The updated app now shows up to 9 applications open on the same screen, which allows you to use task switching with ease.

Multifl0w is available via Cydia for $4.99, if you have already downloaded this application please be sure to let us know what you think about it, of course if you are using already we would love for you to send in your personal reviews.

Please check out the video below via YouTube, looks awesome if you ask us.

Source – iPhone Download Blog

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