Jailbreaking iPhone, Is there Still a Need?

When it comes to the iconic iPhone it seems the big important thing is to jailbreak the device as soon as humanly possible to deliver the best functionality from the closed Apple ecosystem, but as Apple push out new updated iOS releases and start catching up with other smartphones for ages, is there really a need to jailbreak your iPhone?

According to an article over on Technobuffalo, perhaps there is no longer a need for jailbreaking. The iPhone Dev team has released their newest jailbreak via Mobile Safari and is simple as “Slide to Jailbreak,” but asks the question, after iOS 4 is there really a need to continue jailbreaking the iPhone?

Technobuffalo came up with 5 reasons to jailbreak your iPhone, tethering, 3G restrictions, customisation, and Backgrounder and BiteSMS, but do those still stand up as reasons for jailbreaking?

Apparently the biggie reason is tethering, but if a user happened to snatch the flashlight app with hidden tethering abilities then this is now taken out of the equation for some. 3G restrictions, well more and more apps are becoming available with the ability to stream over 3G so that too no longer seems a reason other than the App Store download limit.

As for customisation well with the new iPhone 4 Apple has enabled wallpapers behind apps and iOS 4 fast app switching works reasonable well and of course the addition of folders also makes customisation a bit easier.

Apple basically killed off the need for the Backgrounder app when they enabled multitasking while fast app switching seems to be the answer to SMS responding which also works rather well. So why is there still a need to jailbreak the iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4?

So with all that in mind we’d like to ask our iPhone toting readers if they intend to jailbreak their device and which they feel the need to do so, you can drop your replies in our comments area below…many thanks.


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