Smartphone Stand Right in Front of Your Eyes

Now if you are one to use a stand for viewing videos on your smartphone you’ve probably gone out and purchased such an accessory, but there are way of getting a smartphone stand without shell out any cash whatsoever.

Here we have a rather clever moneysaving idea for a smartphone stand that’s basically right in front of your eyes. According to an article over on Gizmodo by Jason Fitzpatrick, and by way of Nathan Dufault of Life Hacker, why not use your sunglasses or even spare set of prescription glasses.

It’s rather a simple solution for gaining a smartphone stand as all you need to do is lay your glasses upside down and sit your device between the lenses and the curved ear pieces, just open the ear pieces slightly and place you smartphone in.

A quick adjustment to the ear pieces to get them out of the way of viewing and you’re ready to go. A real bargain of a smartphone stand right under your nose, or should we say on top of your nose. So any of our readers have similar cost-cutting ideas for a smartphone accessory, drop us a comment with your suggestions.

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