AMOLED Verses SLCD Displays on HTC Desire: Video

There’s been some considerable issue with Samsung pushing out enough AMOLED displays for waiting smartphones, one such device that suffered a long delay from this was the HTC Droid Incredible, and as a result HTC switched to the Sony SLCD for other devices such as the HTC Desire.

HTC said both displays are comparable and the switch to SLCD on the HTC Desire went ahead. Now as the HTC Desire sporting the new SLCD displays are turning up, we have a video comparison of the HTC Desire with AMOLED and HTC Desire with SLCD for your viewing pleasure.

The video comparison comes our way courtesy of Vlad Bobleanta, over at Unwired View and by way of ai.rs, and lasts just over the three minute mark and they have thrown in the HTC HD2 sporting a traditional LCD for good measure.

Apparently there are some minor differences and viewing angles are way better on the AMOLED although colours do look to appear more natural with the SLDC, so I guess it’s a case of swings and roundabouts. Anyway, hit up the video and check out the comparison to make up your own mind.

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