What Delay Annoys: White iPhone 4, Verizon iPhone or Droid X?

There are many delays in the smartphone world and these are the most annoying, they are the white iPhone 4, the Verizon iPhone and of course the Motorola Droid X, what we want to know is “What delay annoys you the most?” you can vote below.

We have said many of times that Verizon may possibly get the Apple smartphone within time; there have been many speculations as to when it will finally be official. Considering in the US Sprint and T-Mobile are an option to release the iPhone other than AT&T it is not definite that the iPhone will release with Verizon.

There has been questions surrounding the white iPhone 4 with Orange UK with rumours of it being released before Christmas, the white iPhone 4 is the most talked about at the moment and the Apple Store still says ‘unavailable’, yet another delay we have to wait for.

Talking about Verizon and a white iPhone 4, we asked you yesterday what would you like most in your Christmas stocking and so far we have received 258 votes: Verizon iPhone (45.0%, 117 Votes), White iPhone 4 (31.0%, 79 Votes), I actually prefer the black (6.0%, 15 Votes), None of the above, Apple stinks (2.0%, 4 Votes) and Not sure (0.0%, 1 Votes). So clearly based on our readership the Verizon iPhone is most wanted.

Please do let us know if you are still holding out for the white iPhone 4, just a quick recap: there is going to be an Apple media event on September 7 and we asked you if Steve Jobs will mention the Verizon iPhone and the white iPhone 4.

Another smartphone to hit the delay corner was the Droid Incredible but in the end stock came in and is back on sale, but the Motorola Droid X now has hit the delay corner. Yesterday we reported that when you visit the Verizon Wireless website you will see the Droid X shipping date is now 9/9 (September 9th), does this mean that seeing as the Incredible is back in stock that the Droid X pays the price?

Anyway please look at our poll question below and vote for the delay that annoys you the most, thanks.

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6 thoughts on “What Delay Annoys: White iPhone 4, Verizon iPhone or Droid X?”

  1. You can't really consider a i*hone on Verizon to be "delayed." It may never even happen. As Android, especially with Verizon's Droid marketing, becomes more well known, people will begin to realize that there's nothing you can do on an i*hone that you can't do on Android.

  2. Fermey says:

    I'm so tired of my tired old black iPhone. I want something new and white and clean, so I'm holding out. I know if I balk and get the black one, the white one would be out the next day.

    The most annoying part about this isn't necessarily the lack of information or speculation or even the delays themselves. It's that I can't even pre-order a white iPhone. At least let us pre-order. What harm is there in that?

  3. A-Train18 says:

    lol but thats the whole point you moron! U have to wait to be able to do the stuff on an android phone or you can do it now on an iPhone.

    The screen clarity alone makes the iPhone the more dominant phone. My screen is so clear its makes androids look like shit. My buddy has an EVO and even he agrees that the iPhone is the better phone. Clearer screen and my phone is way smoother with the touch commands. His seems choppy compared to mine.

  4. EEStubbs says:

    Why does there even have to be a shortage. Sometimes I feel like the cell phone carriers are playing us for fools. They order a certain amount of phones and when they sell out, then they order more. No over stocking and than they can control their profits and cut their loses.

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