White iPhone 4: Will Orange UK Release In Time For Christmas?

The White iPhone 4 has yet to be released and delays are down to a number of reasons such as backlight leakage, the Apple Store still has this smartphone marked down as unavailable and can see customers get tired and impatient of the wait.

We published an article not so long ago about the Orange white iPhone 4 release date in the UK being retracted, well according to the source below (Softsailor) they report that this Apple device in this particular colour could release by the end of 2010.

Orange has said previously that they the release date will be they end of the year, so basically nothing has change in the way of a definite release date just the normal chit-chat of end of the year.

We would love to know if you are tired of the wait for the iPhone 4 in white, the current black version release has not gone entirely smooth with its antenna and iOS 4.0.2 problems. What problems have you had with your iPhone 4?

Please let us know if you think Orange UK will release the white iPhone 4 in time for Christmas 2010, please do use our comments area below. If you are angry please do not swear as all age groups visit phonesreview.co.uk thank you. If you cannot wait for the official white iPhone 4 might we suggest you check out iCarbons

Source — Softsailer & The Inquirer


10 thoughts on “White iPhone 4: Will Orange UK Release In Time For Christmas?”

  1. Vik says:

    I no longer can wait for the white iphone and have purhcased the black iphone 4. If Apple keeps delaying the iphone 4 white, everyone will buy the black and will be costly to Apple.

  2. chubby nutz says:

    ot will be costly no doubt as apple are rapidly loosing market share due to this farcical white problem its got far more than rediculous

  3. I obtained my black iPhone 4 on launch day and not had any issues with it at all, the so called death grip hasn't affected the signal and it has been excellent in every way.

    The White iPhone 4 looks stunning and it reminds me of the 1st and 2nd Gen iPods (now Classic) and it appears slightly retro and I'm sure will be a hit with the public who want to be different!

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  4. lea says:

    I cancelled a contract ready for the iphone but desperatel want the white….so I have been waiting since june killing my self with pay as you go. Massively dissapointed with apple

  5. Links says:

    I am buying HTC instead of the white I phone 4, I can't wait anymore, better phones are out on the market already! check the specs not just advertisement. Apple are good at advertising, but do they really have millions of apps? some are just stupid like another google web browser specially made for apple, not really an extra apps is it now?!

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