Google Ogles Goggles for Apple iPhone By Years End

Currently an Android only application, it appears that Google is looking towards delivering a version of their Google Goggles app to the iPhone by the end of the year confirmed Google execs.

According to an article over on Phone Scoop by Eric M. Zeman and by way of Yahoo News, Google has stated they are considering “opening up” Goggles and publishing the API’s which would enable 3rd-party firms to use Google Goggles in their apps.

Google Goggles for Android is a visual search app which enables users to snap pictures of items which results in a search based on the captured image, cutting out the necessity to type anything.

Apparently, Google also has plans to fuse the camera with Goggles in order for augmented reality possibly being the future of visual search. Google Goggles has the ability to recognise faces but for some reason Google hasn’t yet implemented the function in the application yet.

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