White iPhone 4 Delay, Are You Still Holding Out?

When Apple first released the iPhone 4 and said there would be a white version available, many opted to forgo grabbing the black version of Apple’s latest iPhone tech and wait for the arrival of the white version.

However, as you are probably aware, Apple has delayed the release of the white iPhone 4 citing manufacturing issues such as getting the pain just right and even iPhone 4 imperfect frames, and even a possibility of a new antenna adding to the delay.

Although we have already seen a couple of white iPhone 4 units being unboxed on video, it has been predicted that the white iPhone 4 will eventually be sometime later this year although no actual date has been mentioned, so it is possible that Apple could again delay the white version until sometime 2011.

With that said we’d like to know if those that have been holding out for the white iPhone 4 are still holding out or if they have finally given up on the white and opted to get the black iPhone 4. So are you still waiting or have you given up?


13 thoughts on “White iPhone 4 Delay, Are You Still Holding Out?”

  1. Kaz says:

    still waiting……………….n if apple does decide to release it in 2011……i'll get myself a blackberry…….for sure………can't be spending my money for such an immature company……..

      1. chubby nutz says:

        lets face it apple had to rush out the iphone 4 due to the prototype being found in a toilet left by one of their former employees i have no doubt and with this comes problems with a rushed product. In a world where their competitors have stepped up their game and are eating their way severly into apples market share apple are tentative to release the white at all. iphone 5 or 4.1 will come before we see a white model

  2. Pedro says:

    If the iPhone 4 white comes out in 2011 then i’ll just wait for the next one lol. My poor iPhone 2G is so slow now :/ whatever I’ll keep waiting. no other phones interest me!

  3. Robbie says:

    Waiting.. I want the white and hoping they fix some of the problems with the balck one before releasing the white. Prefer to wait n get a good product

  4. DeborahGrace says:

    I love my iphone 3GS but wanted the new OS4. I preordered the OS4 and I hated it because it always dropped calls. It's the first time I went ahead and bought a product in prelaunch. I ended up taking the phone back, lost the cost of restock but worth the loss. I'm holding out for the white, hopefully revised, IphoneOS4. I just wish Apple would be honest and give a date for the release. If things don't get better I might think of getting another smart phone.

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