September 7th Sees Apple Launch Event, Verizon or White iPhone 4 Perhaps?

Just about everyone and their aunt is waiting patiently for any news coming out of the Apple tree about new product launches, especially anything that may hint of the white iPhone 4 and or the Verizon iPhone.

Well according to an article over on Pocket-lint by Paul Lamkin, reports are saying that the iPhone maker is ready for a launch event for the 7th of September with a view to announcing some Apple gear.

According to said article top of the kit list would be a 4th-gen iPod Touch, as history shows that Apple usually launched iPod version at that time of year. They also expect that the 4th-gen iPod Touch will have an Apple A4 chip, along with an iPhone 4 Retina Display and gyroscope sensor.

Then there’s Apple TV to consider which is rumoured to be a $99 device that sports iOS and enabling the users TV to access the App Store, and may or may not be called iTV depending on the legalities. There could even be a new iPad making an appearance as was recently reported being seen in iOS 4.1 beta.

But what about that iOS 4.1 beta unknown hardware? Perhaps September 7th we’ll find out what that device will be, and it could well be the much wanted Verizon iPhone, which even though popular rumour has it the Verizon iPhone is expected in January 2011, it wouldn’t surprise if Apple pull it out of the air as a surprise in time for the holiday season.

Then there’s the continuing saga of the white iPhone 4, maybe just maybe Apple is going to give over some news that the white version is now ready for the public…well you never know, anything is possible right?

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