New Jailbreak App for iPhone 4 and 3GS Called CallTell

There is a new jailbreak app called CallTell that only works on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, the app is pretty cool and announces who is calling you.

This jailbreak application for your Apple iPhone basically lets you know who is calling you before the phone starts ringing, if the person who is calling you is in your contacts it will show their name.

This new app also works with text messages according to iPhone Download Blog; it will even read the text messages for you, which is awesome.

Once you have installed this app you will get the option to enable or disable within the settings.app. The new CallTell jailbreak app is available via Cydia for $1.99. If you purchase this app or indeed have it already please do send us your personal reviews.

If you love Jailbreaks you may want to read about MultiFl0w Jailbreak app, if you know of any other cool jailbreak apps please do share with us.


One thought on “New Jailbreak App for iPhone 4 and 3GS Called CallTell”

  1. Mark-Anthony Baker says:

    Literally my favourate jailbreak App is backgrounder. Its a free multitasking App via Cydia and allows you to multitask with all App versions. Its invaluable and proberly saves me at least 20 minutes a day. SImple and sweet

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