Verizon iPhone Not Definite as T-Mobile and Sprint Are Option

The continued speculation over the much talked about Verizon iPhone may have just taken a bit of a kicking as Verizon may not be the first consideration as a second carrier for Apple’s iPhone 4, but the device could possibly end up with T-Mobile or Sprint.

According to an article over on PC World by Jared Newman, and according to a report over on Fortune, Shaw Wu, an analyst for Kaufman Bros has told clients that Verizon and Apple are still in negotiations over the details of the iPhone which includes the economics and technology.

However, apparently Wu hasn’t ruled out that T-Mobile or Sprint may gain the iPhone 4 rather than Verizon or possible as well as, although Wu is convinced something is about to happen one way or the other.

Although Verizon could offer 93 million potential iPhone subscribers if everyone took up the iPhone 4, if Apple goes with Sprint who have 48 million and T-Mobile who have 34 million, their join subscribers could be 82 million which would expand the iPhone subscriber base extensively.

So what do our readers think, will Verizon get the iPhone first as expected or will Apple go with T-Mobile and Sprint first,. Or do you think Apple will go for the multiple carrier route and give the iPhone to all three?


3 thoughts on “Verizon iPhone Not Definite as T-Mobile and Sprint Are Option”

  1. Tommy3141 says:

    Yawn. While ATT and Apple have shown the world how a lousy network and a snazzy phone can dazzle bobbles in front of potential customers to make profits, the better networks have figured out that Android is their answer. Android is to iPhone as PC is is MAC. Sure, Apple is better, but so what? Apple always looses to more open architectures, and ATT to more effective coverage and customer attention.

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