Motorola Droid X Universal Androot, Unroot Me Guide

Some Motorola Droid X users may have rooted the handset but wish to unroot it now, so below is a quick guide on how to unroot your Droid X by Motorola using the universal Androot.

Droid-Life has already given you the how to root your Droid X and now they have this simple guide to unroot, you may want to unroot just in case you needed for some reason to take your handset back to Verizon,

Before we go on you must be aware that this how to guide if for those running Android 2.1 on your Droid X by Motorola.

1. Open up Universal Androot and tap the “Unroot 🙁 ” Button.
2. Your phone will work through a series of steps.
3. It will then notify you that it has finished.
4. Reboot your phone for good measure, and you are unrooted!

Rather painless we would say, hopefully everything should run smoothly. Please do let us know if you have rooted and unrooted your device, as we would love to know if it went well or you came across problems.

Source — Droid-Life

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