Dell Aero and Streak Made By Dell-inquents, Dated Android

Earlier on today we reported the latest Dell Aero news and wanted to look into it a little more, today we mentioned about this smartphone on AT&T and its price.

You can get this handset via the Dell website on a 2-year AT&T contract for $99.99 or $299.99 contract free, would you buy this phone at this price? Is the phone good enough for purchase?

The reason we say this is because of the Android OS it is running and why we are on the subject of Dell we will chat about the Streak smartphone as well, the Dell Aero runs on Android 1.5, which is an old operating system by Android standards and the Dell Streak launched with Android 1.6.

Come on what is this all about, launching two new smartphones (Oh sorry the Dell Streak is a phone but then again is not a phone, is it a phone? Confused) with outdated Android operating systems, these days all the talk is surrounding Android 2.2 so to put old OS’s on new mobile phones is beyond me.

Please let us know what you think, do you agree that Dell should not have released the Aero and the Streak with old Android operating systems? Are we right by saying they are made by Dell-inquents?

We do recommend you visiting PC World as JR Raphael has published a very interesting article explaining why the Dell Aero is an embarrassment to Android.


3 thoughts on “Dell Aero and Streak Made By Dell-inquents, Dated Android”

  1. Jamie says:

    Sounds like the author should do some research and maybe actually try _using_ these devices.

    As for the Dell Streak, it's bloody good – with an over the air update to Android 2.2 coming this year. But to be honest I don't see that it's needed – if you buy a Dell Streak you won't be disappointed!

    If the author needs some pointers on which sites to do some proper research I'd be happy to oblige.

  2. Jamie says:


    Have you actually got a Streak? I doubt it, because I have and even with android 1.6 it is ground-breaking. All the other companies are now following suit and, one by one are bringing mini tablets out.

    Furthermore, they’re updating the Streak to 2.1 imminently and an OTA 2.2 to come soon.

    Do yourself the biggest favour – ditch your girly pink Samsung mocha and get a Streak


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