Samsung Galaxy S Gorilla Glass, How tough is it? Video

Not to long ago it came to light that the Samsung Galaxy S range of smartphones happens to have Gorilla Glass protection, meaning it can withstand more than the odd knock or two, but just how tough is that Gorilla glass?

Well we have a video demonstration for your viewing pleasure which shows just what Gorilla glass can withstand as a Samsung Galaxy S device is put under some cringing screen torture tests for your viewing pleasure.

The video which can be viewed below comes courtesy of Jerry Hildenbrand over at Android Central and by way of ShoppingDaNaWa and delivers seven minutes of Korean cringe worthy testing giving the old Gorilla glass a going over with the sharp end of a wood screw.

I won’t let on about any of the other stuff and spoil your viewing as I’m sure you’d much rather gain some cringing scrutiny of the video for yourself, so I’ll let you get at it, and don’t enjoy too much.


2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S Gorilla Glass, How tough is it? Video”

  1. Hsiaoshuang says:

    When I bought the Samsung Galaxy Tab, I didn't know it was made of scratch-proof Gorrilla Glass. The vendor immediately pasted a plastic sheet protector over it, which cost me S$45 or about US$30! From the above video, it was a waste of money buying the plastic sheet!

  2. I'm guessing since you make all these judgements about "design flaws" then I'm guessing you've never owned an iPhone 4. So just shut up. I love the iPhone 4, and the android phones that I've owned. And the iPhone has the best quality. I've had it since it was released and still doesn't have a scratch. I loved my android phones, and I love the iPhone. The only thing I hate are people that think they know everything about the durability of a product they've never owned.

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