Samsung Galaxy S Range Packs Gorilla Glass

The Dell Streak has a unique selling point for a smartphone and that was it comes with Gorilla Glass making the handsets screen mighty tough, and now apparently the manufacturer of Gorilla Glass, Corning has announced Sammy devices use the same thing.

According to an article over on Engadget by Paul Miller, such Samsung Galaxy S class devices as the T-Mobile Vibrant, Verizon Fascinate, Sprint Epic 4G and AT&T Captivate all have the same alkali aluminosilicate glass shielding.

According to the senior manager of Samsung Electronics, BJ Kang, “Advanced display technology plays a crucial role in meeting consumers’ growing expectations on high-end mobile devices, especially smartphones. Corning’s Gorilla glass has helped maximize Galaxy S’s unique smartphone features by enabling a high-quality touch display.”

Apparently the glass is similar to that Apple’s “helicopter windshield” gear they use on their iPhone 4, and although neither is totally resistant to being shattered the glass can really take some hammering, that’s not to say you should take a hammer to the glass though.

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